Water Supply and Sanitation

Conceptual Design Report, Master plan & Comprehensive Detailed Project Reports
  • Water Supply
    • Identification of Sources, Hydrological Studies, Source Sustainability & Feasibility
    • Hydraulic Design of Water Supply Distribution Network Systems
    • Groundwater & Rainwater Harvesting Studies & Water Conservation Practices
    • Surge Analysis for Pumping Mains & Gravity Mains
    • Design and Cost Analysis for Intake Structures, Pumping Arrangements, Water Treatment Plants, Elevated & Ground Level Service Reservoirs
    • UFW, NRW Studies and Preparation of Water Safety Plans
    • Water and Energy Audits
    • Appraisals & Approvals of Funding Agencies (JNNURM/JICA/World bank/ADB)
    • GIS for Data Storage and Analysis
  • Underground Drainage
    • Hydraulic Design of Sewer Distribution Network Systems
    • Selection of Technologies Using Life Cycle Cost Analysis & Decision Support Systems
    • Design and Cost Analysis of Sewage Treatment Plants, Pumping Arrangements & Collection Wells
    • Appraisals & Approvals of Funding Agencies (JNNURM/JICA/World bank/ADB)
  • Stormwater Drainage
    • Hydrological Investigations such as Rainfall Intensity and Run-off Studies
    • Delineation of Catchment Areas, Land Use Pattern Studies for Storm Calculations
    • Design of Stormwater Drainage Networks Using GIS tools
Third Party Quality Assurance & Control and Construction Supervision
  • Quality Control Tests for Urban Infrastructure Projects such as WTPs, ELSR, GLSR, STPs & Stormwater Drains
  • Review of Designs, Material Testing & Inspection at Factory Premises
  • Compliance Reports on Quality of Work

Environmental Engineering

  • Environmental Screening, Scoping Studies & Generation of Environmental Baseline Data
  • Environment Impact Assessment Studies and Environmental Management Plans
  • Tree Plantation Strategies
  • Environmental Clearances from State PCBs/MoEF
  • Monitoring and Supervision of Environmental Attributes during Construction/O&M based on MoEF/SPCB Guidelines
  • Preparation and Submission of Environmental Compliance Reports according to World Bank/ADB/JBIC/ MoEF/SPCB Specifications
  • Environmental Audits: Compliance, EMS, Green Belt Development, Safety & Health, and O&M Audits
  • Risk Assessment & Preparation of Disaster Management Plans


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